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Clifton College Google Street View 360 virtual tour

A traditional British Public School with modern forward thinking.

If you want to see what is possible with a Google Street View 360 tour, then take a look at the recent tours we did with Clifton College and what they have done with it!!!

Although they are a traditional British Public School, they are very much forward thinking, using the tour to show that they are embracing new technologies, which is helping them to not only show off the many aspects of the school, but also engage with the local community and the public in general.

The tour on their website is truly interactive, including narrative, video and music, plus it includes lots of historical facts about the school, which is of interest to everyone, not just those looking to attend the school

To take a look at the tour, just visit the Clifton College Website, or if you would like to chat about how a Google Street View Tour can help your organisation, then please get in touch.

Winsford Show Photography Competition

Being Judged

It was an honor to be chosen to judge the photography section at the Winford Show this year and very inspiring to see the variation in the work submitted. There was lot's of categories, including Landscape, human study, Animals and insects, with a varied range of images, which shows that even with a single subject, there is so many view points from which to create an image.

It's always tough though to choose a winner, photography is very subjective and like other art, everyone will have there own style they like and point of view on what is a good image. For me, I like photography that makes you stop and look more. Maybe the images draws you in or the subject makes you ask more questions, what's going on, why are they there, what happens next. I think it's very important that there is a story in an image, after all, images speak a thousand words, so should always ask "what is my image saying?"

It was great to talk with some of the entrants afterwards too, even if their images didn't win this time, to give feedback, chat about photography and find out what inspired them as they pressed the shutter.

And what advice would I give to anyone entering a Photo competition? Shoot for the competition, rather than search through your archives to find an image that fits. You are more likely this way to tick all the boxes that the judges are looking for.

If you would like Andrew to be a judge at your next photo competition, then please get in touch.

  • BBC Radio Bristol presenter Laura Rawlings and former England Cricketer Andy Caddick
  • Adult Learning Awards 2015
  • South West 2015 Award Ceremony
  • South West 2015 Award Ceremony

And the winners are...

For the fourth year running, we have been delighted to help out Learning South West with the South West 2015 Award Ceremony and gala dinner in Weston-Super-Mare.

This years ceremony, organised by Learning South West and NIACE (National Voice for Lifelong Learning) showcased the transformational effect learning has had on the lives of individuals and businesses and forms part of Adult Learners Week, which is a national celebration of the benefits of lifelong learning.

The awards were presented by Laura Rawlings who presents the early show on BBC Radio Bristol and Andy Caddick, a former England Cricketer and we were there to capture all the action, presentations and atmosphere of the night. Congratulations to all the very worthy winners

UK Partial Eclipse near Bristol 2015

Almost eclipsed

Today in the UK there was an almost full eclipse of the sun and despite the cloud cover, we headed out to capture the moment. The last total eclipse in the UK was back in August 1999, so it's a rare event to even get a partial viewing. We actually viewd the '99 eclipse in Paris, France, whilst on Honeymoon, so it was very fitting that on this occasion, we headed to the church where we got married to get the shot!

Food Photography

Say Cheese!!

A David & Co. are growing to become one of the foremost fresh produce companies in the region, so we were on hand to shoot there range of over 150 cheeses for their new 2015 brochure.

Although based near Bristol, we traveled to a farm near Yeovil in Somerset, to setup our studio for the shoot. As we had to work around the strick regulations surrounding the food industry and we wanted the cheese to look its best, we created a set inside one of there "Chilled" wearhouses

This is our 2nd time shooting at this location for the company, so we are starting to get used to the near sub zero working conditions. Who said phootgraphy is glamorous?

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